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Soundtracks and Incidental Music

  • BFI Future Film award for animated short, Ruckus (composer)

  • BAFTA nomination (long list) for Ruckus (composer)

  • Soundtracks and sound design for commercial animations with Fudge animation and No Magnolia (composer)

  • Original music for stage productions of "Our Country's Good" and "The Crucible" (composer)

Ruckus Screenshot.png
ChrisMitchell-FullRes(11of72) 3000.png

Arranging and Orchestrating

  • Brass, string and orchestral arranger for BBC TV, BBC Radio, and numerous album projects

  • Big Band and orchestral arranger for "Edge of Time" album - Robert Steven Hunt

  • MOBO award for "Watching and Waiting" - David & Carrie Grant (string arranger)​

Classical Commissions

  • Choral works including: "The Carmelite Blessing" (for the 500th anniversary of Teresa of Avila); "Celebración de Vida" (Joyful Company of Singers/St.Albans Bach Choir); "Questions" (A440).

  • Music for brass including: "Que Pasa (Chaconne Brass); "A Yorkshire Fantasy" (4Bones) "Jubilee Shout'.

  • Vocal solos including: "Thameside Suite"; "I know a bank where the wild thyme grows"; "As Joseph was a-walking".

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